FRB Coaching offer range of options for coaching in schools. From after school clubs to breakfast clubs, PPA cover to free sessions, we try to offer a range of options and a range of sports to suit every school. We are always open to new ideas because can always be better, so we encourage new ideas and feedback!

We have worked in schools across south London, from Greenwich to Wandsworth and on towards Kingston! Our most popular coaching service are our after school clubs (mainly our football clubs). However we are often in schools during curriculum time too, running free sessions or PPA cover. Below is a small list of what we offer and how they are run:

Breakfast/After School Clubs:

  • 1 hour sessions consisting of either 6 or 10 weeks (half-term or full term, however these can be adjusted to suit the school)

  • Maximum of 30 participants. If total number of participants is 15 or below we will provide 1 coach, if the total number of participants is 16 or above we will provide 2 coaches.

  • All of our coaches are fully qualified, DBS vetted plus first aid and safeguarding qualifications constantly kept up to date

  • All equipment will be provided by FRB Coaching

  • Payments will be directly to parents and they will have the offer to pay online via this website or pay in cash and hand it in to the school office before the first session (provided that the school are able to facilitate this).


FRB Coaching are excited to announce to schools that, alongside our successful after school clubs across a range of sports, we are now offering PPA cover to schools. Our coaches work hard at bringing high quality coaching detail and methods to all the extra-curricular activities we run within schools. Our decision to go into PPA cover is so we can now work hard to deliver the national P.E. curriculum within schools with the high-quality coaching that we pride ourselves on.

We have worked in depth to bring enjoyment and development to the kids we work with but now we will be looking to bring out the key points within enjoyment and development. Key points such as:

  • Using running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination

  • Using the above skills within competitive games (where appropriate) and applying the basic principles of attacking and defending across a range of sports

  • Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance


Alongside this we feel it is important to deliver the P.E. curriculum in a way that makes the kids want to get active and develop their skills. We will get kids taking on challenges as a small team and as individuals while displaying to them that they are making progress. Hopefully motivating them further to keep improving!

All of our coaches are DBS’ vetted and are qualified sports coaches. Alongside this we are experienced in working in schools and in the education industry.

For PPA cover we are also looking to offer the cheapest possible prices. Our aim as a company is to provide high-quality coaching to kids while being as cheap as possible for the parents or schools funding us!

If your school has any further ideas or would like to discuss any of the above then please feel free to contact Finn Roberts-Bond via our Contact Us page.

Free Football Sessions:

  • FREE football coaching sessions for your school (2 - 4 hours, depending on availability)

  • Invites for all other FRB Coaching programmes for all participants

  • A coach who is fully qualified, DBS vetted plus first aid and safeguarding qualifications constantly kept up to date

  • All equipment provided by FRB Coaching

If any of the above are of interest to you then please contact our Director at or go via our Contact Us page.

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